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Our 60 MIL Membrane Replacement Carries a 15-Year Water Tightness Warranty

Repairing cracks on the walls or the floor of an old or damaged residential swimming pool or commercial swimming pool will not solve problems in leaking pools. During pool renovation or pool resurfacting, replacing your old swimming pool liner or concrete surface with Ultimate Pool Surface will provide the final water tightness, with the entire pool surface covered.

Out company has had no claim about the loss of water tightness of any kind since production began in 1996. With many other resurfacing options, you are constantly having to re-plaster or resurface.

No More Worries About Pool Leaking Water With New 60 MIL Membrane

No Claim of Water Tightness Loss Since Production Began More Than 30 Years Ago

The Richness of Old World Europe …

… with Every Modern Convenience

The Ultimate Pool Resurfacing
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