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How Seismic Activity Affects Your Pool

Seismic movements and earthquakes are some of your worst enemies when you have a pool. Even the smallest amounts of seismic activity can cause considerable shifts in the earth’s crust. With a traditional 20-27 MIL pool liner or gunite pool, these shifts can cause a crack and inevitably, a leak, creating stress that you just shouldn’t have to deal with.

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Quick Response Gets Kids Back in the Water

Summer fun only took a brief pause for pool repair at a community pool in Martinsburg, WV, thanks to the quick response and work of the poolFORCE crew adding a 60 MIL Ultimate Pool Surface membrane. The Martinsburg/Berkley Parks and Recreation Department, operators of...

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No More Leaks at Maryland Army Pool

A problematic leaking pool at Fort Detrick, a U.S. Army Medical Command in Frederick, Maryland, is “swimming again” with happy people, once Ultimate Pool Surface’s 60 MIL liner was installed. The first attempt at a replacement liner in the concrete pool, by a...

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Fur Baby Safe

Does your water-loving dog claw your swimming pool causing tears and expensive repairs to the liner? This is a problem for many liner swimming pools resulting in people just not allowing their dogs to get into their pool at all. Well, we have a solution that your fur...

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Best-Practice Solution for Leaking Surge Tanks

Project: Kaplan Center Natatorium Surge Tank Project Location: University of North Carolina at Greensboro Problematic water vessels are the worst. We know. The stress that occurs with the frustration of not understanding why a problem has made itself evident is...

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Peace of Mind Membrane

Our number one priority when producing 60 MIL membranes is that it is the safest choice for you and your family. We are set apart from other vinyl liners because our product is phthalate-free! For years now we’ve been hearing about the mysterious, ubiquitous, and...

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Charlotte Christian Day School Project

Our first major project in the Southeast United States was at Charlotte Christian Day School in Charlotte, NC. They have a 5,000 square foot outdoor swimming pool used by the students that they constantly had problems with leaking.

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Swimming for Health

Want to be a healthy individual but don’t care for working up a sweat during a vigorous cardio workout? Well, then swimming just might be your answer! Swimming is a very effective way of getting that great workout in without needing to even hop on a treadmill.

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