Ultimate Pool Surface, Create Your Unique Space

Swim Immediately with 60 MIL Replacement Liner, Instead of Waiting Six Days for Cleaning Chemical Elements in the Water

poolFORCE, with USA corporate offices in Salisbury, NC, brings 30 years of residential and commercial swimming pool resurfacing training and product to your dealer, who is certified to work with our product. We specialize in custom in-ground pool replacement liners for leaking swimming pools, and also customized products for new pools. If you are planning a pool renovation, pool remodeling or pool repairs, this product, new to the U.S. market, is perfect for you.

Your pool will look new again, and so will you.

Our Promise to You…

  • Very little time and trouble for you and your family while pool liner installation is completed in your residential pool or commercial pool.
  • The work will be a custom in-ground pool liner tailored—just for you. Our product will work in your pool. Size, shape, or design are no obstacles.
  • Pool liner installation is quick and easy. No heavy machinery on your property. No disruptive, annoying noise. The installer completes all work inside your pool.
  • Swim immediately, instead of waiting up to 6 days and cleaning chemical elements in the water, as is the case with a  plaster resurfacing project.
  • An unheard of 15-year Water Tightness Warranty.
  • A smooth surface that is comfortable for swimmers. The durability of concrete without the skinned knees, arms or feet typical of swimming in a concrete-lined pool.
  • Algae resistant and anti-microbial.
  • Your installer has been trained and certified at our US facility. Trust him. He will meet and exceed your expectations.


No Disruptive Noise or Heavy Machinery on Your Property During Installation

Size, Shape or Design of Swimming Pool No Obstacle with 60 MIL Replacement Membrane

The Richness of Old World Europe …

… with Every Modern Convenience

The Ultimate Pool Resurfacing
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