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No More Leaks at Maryland Army Pool (Updated 2019)

A problematic leaking pool at Fort Detrick, a U.S. Army Medical Command in Frederick, Maryland, is “swimming again” with happy people, once Ultimate Pool Surface’s 60 MIL liner was installed. The first attempt at a replacement liner in the concrete pool, by a...

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How Seismic Activity Affects Your Pool

Seismic movements and earthquakes are some of your worst enemies when you have a pool. Even the smallest amounts of seismic activity can cause considerable shifts in the earth’s crust. With a traditional 20-27 MIL pool liner or gunite pool, these shifts can cause a crack and inevitably, a leak, creating stress that you just shouldn’t have to deal with.

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Quick Response Gets Kids Back in the Water

Summer fun only took a brief pause for pool repair at a community pool in Martinsburg, WV, thanks to the quick response and work of the poolFORCE crew adding a 60 MIL Ultimate Pool Surface membrane. The Martinsburg/Berkley Parks and Recreation Department, operators of...

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Fur Baby Safe

Does your water-loving dog claw your swimming pool causing tears and expensive repairs to the liner? This is a problem for many liner swimming pools resulting in people just not allowing their dogs to get into their pool at all. Well, we have a solution that your fur...

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Best-Practice Solution for Leaking Surge Tanks

Project: Kaplan Center Natatorium Surge TankProject Location: the University of North Carolina at GreensboroProblematic water vessels are the worst. We know. The stress that occurs with the frustration of not understanding why a problem has made itself evident is...

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Swimming… It’s Great for Your Mind, Heart and Body!

Want to be a healthy individual but don’t care for working up a sweat during a vigorous cardio workout? Well, then swimming just might be your answer! Swimming is a very effective way of getting that great workout in without needing to even hop on a treadmill.

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