Our 60 MIL Membrane is the Best Choice for Replacement of Aging, Cracked Concrete Pool Surfaces

What are swimming pool liners?

Swimming pool liners are simple devices that help to protect the floor and walls of a pool. Liners are often made of a high resilient vinyl or other synthetic material. Pool liners extend the life of a pool by preventing mold and other forms of damage to occur.

Pool liners are generally part of the installation process when the pool is first built. The liner is secured to the interior sides of the pool using a series of fittings along the edges of the pool. The liner can also be installed with the use of water-resistant adhesives which allow it to adhere to the construction of the pool.

What to look for in swimming pool liners?

Ultimate Pool Surface’s 60 MIL liners exceed the life of plaster and fiberglass pools. They come with a 15-Year Water Tightness Warranty. Our 60 MIL liner which is new to the U.S. has more than two times the strength of traditional 20 – 27 MIL liners. They are the product of choice to replace old liners or to upgrade leaking, cracked concrete pools and prevent expensive water loss.

Elbtal Plastics, the manufacturer of our 60 MIL liners, represents 120 years of German engineering. Our pool liners are made of pure virgin resin material. It is environmentally safe and odorless. These pool liners produce extremely low fumes during the installation (welding) process which is important in an indoor environment.

Ultimate Pool Surface 60 MIL liners absorb less than half the water of the competition, creating a much longer life. They are 80% more stable and easier to install in both warm and cold weather with no wrinkles in temperature variances. Our liners are easier to install than the competition in curves since most U.S. pools are built in a two to six-foot radius pattern. Ultimate Pool Surface liners are seven times stronger in Tensile Strength (Breaking Under Tension) than the competition.

Ultimate Pool Surface pool liners can be customized and tailored to any configuration. Installation is quick and easy with no heavy machinery involved.

You can swim immediately! No more waiting six days while chemical elements are cleaned from the water like as is the case with a plaster resurfacing project.

The smooth, comfortable swimming surface is easy to clean, using less chemicals and decreasing the cost of maintenance. It is also algae-resistant and anti-microbial

What is a phthalate-free pvc swimming pool liner?

Phthalates (pronounced tha-lates) are chemical compounds of phthalic acid. They are mainly used as an additive to plastics which increases their flexibility, transparency, durability, and longevity. Phthalates are present in typical swimming pool liners. When exposed to heat, the phthalates migrate out of the PVC product and can then be absorbed through your skin or taken in orally. Excessive exposure to this chemical can damage the liver, kidneys, lungs, and reproductive system. Pregnant women and children are the most at risk.

A Phthalate-Free PVC Swimming Pool Liner is the safest choice for swimmers. It exceeds all safety standards. The chemical Phthalate, widely used in products for half a century, is replaced in the Ultimate Pool Surface liner. We are the first in the market to offer a Phthalate-Free Swimming Pool Membrane, the ultimate in pool membranes. If you are passionate about the environment, and you want the safest product for your family, this product is for you!

Our 60 MIL Membrane is Phthalate Free, Your Safest Choice in Pool Liners

60 MIL Membrane for New or Replacement Pool Surfaces Gives You 15 Years of Water Tightness, Guaranteed

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