Ultimate Pool Surface, Color and Design

Mix and Match Our Beautiful Colors and Patterns for the Look You Want

We want your pool to be a beautiful reflection of you! When you choose an Ultimate Pool Surface membrane for your residential or commercial swimming pool, you’ll have a variety of beautiful colors and designs to choose from. Whether you’re installing a brand new swimming pool or performing renovations or repairs to an old or leaking in-ground pool, we will help you make it look new again.

Mix and match our various colors and patterns to create your own unique pool surface. Being able to customize your liner offers an opportunity to make your pool uniquely you and coordinate the colors and designs to your surrounding décor. Best of all, our appealing textures feel great to swimmers. Gone will be the days of scrapes on knees, elbows or feet from accidentally contacting rough concrete surfaces. Your pool will stay looking fresh and new for many years with our superior surface, which resists stains that commonly cause pools to look aged – chlorine and other chemicals, UV rays, sunscreens and cosmetics, and algae. Plus, our liners are twice as strong as the thinner products used in traditional pools, so you won’t risk damaging scratches and punctures. You can even let your pets swim and join in the fun without worry!

We offer three series of attractive color and design options for your pool, allowing you to create a look that is uniquely you!

Natural Series

Our Natural Series offers your choice of Adriatic Blue, Light Blue, White or Sand, all of which reflect light and enhance the water in your swimming pool to create a relaxing, welcoming environment for swimmers.

Art Series

Our Marble Blue and Mosaic Blue color and design options are perfect for pool owners who are looking for something a bit bolder and eye-catching. The appealing blue hues will make your pool the focal point of any environment.

Pearl Series

Our Blue Pearl and Silver Black selection provides pool owners with the chance to make a statement. Set your pool apart with these distinctive, beautiful colors and patterns.

Natural Series

Art Series

Pearl Series

Our New 60 MIL Pool Membrane Will Make Your Aging, Cracked Concrete Pool Look New Again with our Beautiful Color and Design Options

The Texture of Our 60 MIL Membrane Feels Great

The Richness of Old World Europe …

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The Ultimate Pool Resurfacing
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